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Skilled representation for all types of domestic matters

At the Law Offices of David V. Gedrock in Medina, I understand how effective family counsel can be in improving the lives of my clients. In more than three decades of legal practice, I have seen how emotional pressure can turn even simple issues into costly litigation battles. I strive to protect family rights forcefully but in a caring manner that encourages healthy relationships going forward. Whether you are engaged in a dispute over your children’s custody, looking to adopt a child, or coping with a child in trouble with the law, I can help you obtain the relief you need.

Maintaining family bonds in child custody and visitation cases

Ohio law states that decisions on parental rights and responsibilities must be guided by what the court believes is in the best interests of the child. Of course, this is a very subjective standard, and if you and your co-parent cannot agree on an arrangement, I can argue for a plan that protects your parent-child relationship by citing factors including:

  • Child preference — If a child is mature enough, the judge can speak to them in chambers regarding where they wish to live.
  • Preservation of family relationships — Courts are reluctant to split up siblings or enact orders that discourage contact with extended family members such as grandparents. They might also consider the effect that changing homes or schools could have on children.
  • Safety and well-being — Any allegations of physical or substance abuse are important considerations that can threaten parental rights and responsibilities. Though Ohio law does not allow custody determinations to be based on the relative wealth of each parent, the safety of a particular neighborhood could be a factor.

When children live with one parent, the Law Offices of David V. Gedrock will help craft a fair and detailed visitation plan that emphasizes children’s needs and resolves potential conflicts over holidays and transportation. If changes necessitate the modification of custody or visitation arrangements, I can petition the court on your behalf.

Assisting prospective parents seeking to adopt

Adding a child to your family through adoption should be an event to celebrate, but legal obstacles can make the process both frustrating and time-consuming. Concentrating on your new family should be your focus, not bureaucratic red tape. Whether you are intending to adopt domestically or from another country, the Law Offices of David V. Gedrock can handle the legal details.

Advocating for children in juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings

A criminal allegation leveled against a child is traumatic for the entire family. Rather than focusing merely on punishment, Ohio’s juvenile justice system is designed to assist and rehabilitate accused young offenders. I know the options that exist and can advocate convincingly for an adjudication that suits your child’s specific needs and allows you to maintain your parental authority.

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The Law Offices of David V. Gedrock represents Ohio clients in family law matters as well as criminal defense and other types of litigation. From my office in Medina, I serve people throughout Medina, Wayne, Summit, Cuyahoga and Lorain counties. Call (330) 723-4947 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.