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Points you should be aware of and think about if you are involved in a divorce.

In determining whether or not spousal support is appropriate and reasonable, and in determining the nature, amount and terms of payment, and the duration of the spousal support, which is payable in gross (one large sum) or in installments, the court Shall consider all of the following factors: the income of the parties, from all Read More

What to consider when dealing with spousal support aka “Alimony”

Alimony, now known as Spousal Support because it is payable to either spouse whereas as “alimony” was too closely identified as being payments made to a wife by a husband, is any payment or payments made to a spouse or a former spouse, or to a third party for the benefit of the spouse or Read More

Don’t confess, wait for an attorney

Contrary to what you may have been told growing up the police are not your friends nor however are they your enemy. Just like anyone else they appreciate not always having to work hard. When you confess you make it easy for them. Years ago I had a case where the police officer in reading Read More

Divorce, how times have changed

At one time divorces were based upon grounds. A party seeking a divorce had to allege grounds to get a divorce e.g adultery, habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty etc. and once the grounds were proven the aggrieved part was compensated for the transgressions perpetrated against the marriage. But times have changed and Read More